Making complexities of IT simple.

We make a complicated IT world simple so that you can
focus on what you love to do best; improve your
customer relationships and grow your bottom line.
After all, isn't that why you went into business
in the first place?

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Professional Services
Professional services firms face a range of pressures across the industry. We provide an outsourced IT service solution, custom built for your business. LMT is committed to providing professional services firms with capabilities to address a changing business environment, and improve the bottom line—either on premise or in the Cloud.
Financial Services
We create value for our clients by understanding their business, accounting and reporting needs. Our dedicated and experienced team takes their clients' success seriously by providing them timely financial statements and the expertise necessary to help ensure the long-term stability and growth of their companies.
Health Care
LMT has helped heathcare organizations solve serious IT issues. LMT has worked with customers to enable access to critical information; improve performance of internal records systems; stabilized IT infrastructures; and, decreased exposure to violation penalties with HIPAA, CAP and other compliance entities.
LMT helps you run your business smarter and faster. Enhance returns from your production and manufacturing assets, or expand your reach to new markets. Improve product safety and reliability, reduce cost and time to market, comply with applicable local and international standards, and minimize business risk.
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